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Dedicated to serving the Iowa City area with passion, honesty and sincerity.

Frank Santiago has been an Attorney in the Iowa City area since 1995, and has been dedicated to helping clients that speak little to no English to navigate the difficult obstacles that dealing with a court case can entail. Mainly specializing in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury this includes many years of experience in a variety of cases.

An Honest and Compassionate individual Frank Santiago will fight on your side and can help you have one less thing to stress about knowing that your case is in capable hands.

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Not all Operating While Intoxicated are equal; no two cases are the same. Each case demands an individual analysis: Did you, or did you not take the Preliminary Breathalyzer Test or the Data Master Test; Was your refusal a proper one; Were you denied the taking of the Date Master Test; Did the Office request Consent before he administered any of these tests? These are only some inquires Attorney Santiago asks when representing you in your Operating While Intoxicated charge.

Domestic & Sexual Assault

A charge of Domestic or Sexual Assault can have lasting consequences with employment, residences and other area of everyday activities. Such charges are unproven allegations. Attorney Santiago will vigorously mount a defense to these allegations by investigation, witness and alleged victim depositions (recorded interviews) and research. After such research many domestic and Sexual Assaults charges have been reduced, dismissed or proceed to trial.

Workers' Compensation

Injured on the job? Fault is not an issue! If you have a work Related injury—Report it As Soon As Possible to your employer. Then contact the Law Office of Attorney Santiago. You will be invited for a free consultation. Every financial recovery is contingent on many factors including: What part of the body is injured; the severity of the injury; the percentage loss of the functional capacity; income per hour. These and other factors will determine your recovery.

Drug Possesion

Although some neighboring states have legalized Marijuana, Iowa still remains a state where Possession of it in any amount is illegal. Moreover, illegal ‘street drugs’ are but a symptom of a greater concern—Recovery. Pretrial treatment can affect the outcome of a plea agreement. Any case that proceeds to trial, Attorney Santiago will mount a vigorous defense by investigation, research and preparation.

Employment Discrimination

Many discrimination occurs in our places of employment: a denial for employment or for advancement, a wrongful discharge, etc. Employees are discriminated against because of race, gender, age or religion. Most discrimination is illegal and against public policy. Attorney Santiago will conduct a complete investigation to compensate the losses to a discriminated employee.

Auto Accidents

Everyday a distracted driver or one who is inexperienced may cause us bodily harm—through no fault of our own. With the increase of cell phone and texting accidents are surer to occur, with harm that may have lasting effects. Therefore, Attorney Santiago will not settle any claim for less to assure you the most financial recovery possible.

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